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We offer MBA and MS admissions
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Since 2003, MBA Strategy is a leading company in Europe. We have been preparing
applicants for getting into MBA, MSc, LLM and PhD programs, offered by the world’s
best business schools and universities.

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Ernst&YoungThe quality of our services has been
attested by Ernst & Young.

Successful GMAT Preparation

MBA Strategy offers the best GMAT preparation in Europe! Professional tutors with
their own 99% result, perfect understanding of GMAT adaptive algorithm and various
preparation formats for different difficulty levels guarantee our students' GMAT success.

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Plus 50 pointsImprove your result in 50 points
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Successful TOEFL preparation

We are the first and only company in Europe to analyze the TOEFL algorithm in detail
and ‘break its code’! Now we share our knowledge with all our customers so they can use
the TOEFL algorithm to their advantage during the real test.

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Moneyback guaranteeImprove your results in 20 points.
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Successful IELTS preparation

Only MBA Strategy offers you an ultimate IELTS preparation in Europe! Our professional
tutors, having band score 8+, offer unique preparation methods for both students and
working people.

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8+Professional tutors with
IELTS band score 8+

Winning application package

Individual approach, the only intellectual system of order processing and, what is more,
our consultants’ immense experience, certified by AIGAC! Everything is to help you
get into a Top program.

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AIGACWe are a member of AIGAC, (the Association of International
Graduate Admissions Consultants)
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What our customers are saying

I give my greatest thanks to MBA Strategy for assistance in getting into my business school. The company is really client-oriented, and the teachers are real professionals and very nice people.

- Luis Poblete, Best Result package

My thanks to MBA Strategy for their help and individual customer approach. They really prepare for entry to foreign universities and further study there.

- Edward Sutton, Company services

MBA Strategy really helped me with my IELTS preparation. I learned all about the test's specifics and improved my results in all sections.

- Carolina Peralta, IELTS Preparation

The company's friendly staff helped me make my preparation process more productive, and the specific teaching approach – get great results.

- Angela Bartoli, Mock Interview


MBA Strategy does not take any chances. What we do is strategically well calculated and aimed to win.

As long as you’ve set yourself a clear goal, we will assist you in achieving it in every possible way.

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