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IELTS online preparation

Private tuition is the method of choice for those who work under a tight schedule and believe in an individual approach to studying. You get to make your own timetable, prepare in a way which answers your needs and focus on overcoming your weaknesses and filling in the gaps. If you aim for a high IELTS score, online studying is one of the best ways to do it. You can prepare for the test on your own terms.

What Can MBA Strategy Offer?

Best IELTS expertise

Preparation Know-How

Teachers at MBA Strategy know everything there is to know about IELTS. You may rest assured that your studying will be up to the highest standards. Our unique preparation methods will help you hone your skills for an excellent performance. Come test day, you will have everything you need to receive a high IELTS score.

increase your results

Guaranteed Result

Our programs’ efficiency is best illustrated by our clients’ results. The most diligent and committed have received band 7.5 and band 8.5. If you work hard, you may get a 50% tuition refund as the best student of the quarter. We at MBA Strategy care about your success and do everything possible to facilitate your IELTS preparation. Moreover, our Money Back Guarantee policy allows you to get a full refund if your results do not improve significantly after two moths of studying.

Maximum comfort


Preparing for the IELTS online means you can work from any location you choose. You no longer need to rearrange your schedule to make room for classes. Online IELTS preparation allows you to study in a way that’s most convenient for you.

highest quality

Quality Service

High IELTS score opens many doors before ambitious students. Therefore, we make sure our education programs can withstand the strictest scrutiny. MBA Strategy has been audited by the worlds’ leading auditing company.

Experienced Practising Teachers

Working with the Best

Our IELTS consultants are experienced professionals whose in-depth knowledge will help you on your way to an excellent result. Each consultant has an IELTS certificate. Many of their students got high IELTS scores. All our instructors received their core education at the best universities and were specifically trained for the job at MBA Strategy.

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