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Prepare for TOEFL in a Month

First 2 days

Find as much information about the test as possible. The first thing to do is to learn the format and conditions of TOEFL iBT. You can find the necessary information on the official website of the test ( You must know that the test consists of four sections: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing and that you are given from 1 to 30 points for each one. TOEFL total score is a sum of the points for all sections.

You can register for a test on We also recommend you to choose the schools where you are going to send your results, as you will not be able to do it on test day.

Download or buy electronic or traditional TOEFL manuals in the first 2 days.

Days 3-8: Reading

Dedicate the next four days to prepare for Reading. It consists of text passages and questions that check your comprehension of the text and vocabulary. The questions order is the same as the passages, so it is easier to choose the right answer.

Do not forget to read economic and political newspapers at least an hour per day.

Days 9-14: Listening

The next section is Listening. Use software to find out the requirements. You will be suggested several fragments of lectures, conversations or discussions, then you will have to answer the questions based on the audio material. It is well-structurized, so you can easily understand and follow the speaker's message.

Apart from TOEFL materials you should also watch television programmes, e.g. Discovery or CNN, and films in English.

Days 15-21: Speaking

This is probably the most challenging section for two reasons. First: you will speak into microphone like the other test takers in the room. While they are usually nervous and try hard to express their opinion clearly, they tend to speak very loudly. This may stand in the way, if you are not used to distracting your mind and being concentrated on the task.

Second: your time to prepare for Speaking is quite limited. You must formulate a thought in 15 seconds and express it in 45 seconds. That is why you need to time yourself during preparation at home.

The most useful advice concerning Speaking: use more linking words in your answer. Make sure you have not forgotten such words as "first", "second", "as a result" or "to conclude". In such a way you will demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of English and your ability to express a structurized and logical opinion.

Days 22-28: Writing

Read the information about the structure of Writing and look through the samples of essays. Write your own texts on the topics suggested by the TOEFL Official Guide.

2 days left: Relax

Do not overload yourself with complicated grammatical and lexical material the day before test. Try reading something simple. Listen to several news items and watch films. Do your best to relax, because the test procedure is long and laborious. Also do not forget to take some sandwiches and water with you. There will be a break to have a snack between Listening and Reading. On test day remember that you must be sure in your answers in Reading and Listening: check them at least once.


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